Not able to disable/remove participant 3 dot controls

I am using zoom windows sdk and i am able to open zoom UI from my application but i need to disable below highlighted control from Video with these 3 dots highlighted should’nt be visible.
can anyone let me know how to disable or remove them

Hi ankit.acet13,

Thanks for the reply. Are you looking for the interface to hide the 3 dots? Currently we do not have an interface to hide that button.


Then can we hide participants, if yes, please let me know how we can do that
I tried using this MEthod - ShowParticipantsListWnd(bool bShow, ref ValueType hParticipantsListWnd);
but i got error because of second parameter.

So please guide me if this method is needed to be used then what value for hParticipantsListWnd needs to be passed.
or please guide me if there is any other way to hide the participants.


Hi @ankit.acet13,

Thanks for the reply. Here is the API description of the method ShowParticipantsListWnd

	/// \brief Display/hide the window which is used to display the list of the participants. 
	/// \param bShow TRUE indicates to display the list of the participants.
	/// \param [out] hParticipantsListWnd This function will return the window handle if the bShow value is set to TRUE and API calls successfully. 
	/// \return If the function succeeds, the return value is SDKErr_Success.
	///Otherwise failed. To get extended error information, see \link SDKError \endlink enum.
	virtual SDKError ShowParticipantsListWnd(bool bShow, HWND& hParticipantsListWnd) = 0;

So the 2nd parameter is the window handle, and it will return if the 1st parameter is set to be true. So you could do something like this:

HWND hParticipantsListWnd(NULL);
ShowParticipantsListWnd(TRUE, hParticipantsListWnd);
ShowParticipantsListWnd(FALSE, hParticipantsListWnd);

Hope this helps. Thanks!