Not able to enable gallary view in web SDK

what should i do for enable gallary view feature in zoom web sdk?
please, explain if their is any setting?

yes Improve Performance in Chrome - Overview - Zoom Software Development Kit (Zoom SDK) - Zoom Developer - Technical Documentation and Reference

it could also be if it just stopped working you have an expired origin trials token. Websdk - Lost top rt gallery/spkr change view button

Thank you for your contributions @gdrums! To reiterate,

  1. Be sure your web page is either cross-origin isolated, or has Origin Trials applied. One or the other is sufficient (not sure if we’ve got that page up yet)
  1. If cross-origin is applied to your webpage, check to see if you have an expired origin trials token/certification. You can regenerate the origin trails token, is here Google’s troubleshooting guide for reference :
  1. Please make sure to sever your site over HTTPS and ensure you’ve allowed your browser access to the microphone and camera. You can enable a locally running server with a tool like ngrok.

Ngrok allows you to tunnel traffic to your server running on localhost through an HTTPS domain. You can then use the HTTPS domain for any configuration details needed by the Marketplace (including the OAuth redirect URL and the Home Page URL).

Let me know if this helps.


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