Nothing happens when I start screen sharing

Hi. I am trying to implement the screen share functionality into my app. I have followed carefully these instructions:

I am able to select the ScreenShare extension from the broadcast picker but nothing happens when I begin broadcasting.

Also I have checked these tips


2023-03-13 21:00:10.677227-0600 ScreenShare[1293:189758] [User Defaults] Couldn’t read values in CFPrefsPlistSource<0x2806e1100> (Domain: group.W2BX7H5JCL.ProfeSantiScreenShare, User: kCFPreferencesAnyUser, ByHost: Yes, Container: (null), Contents Need Refresh: Yes): Using kCFPreferencesAnyUser with a container is only allowed for System Containers, detaching from cfprefsd

I followed these recommendations xcode - Failed to read values in CFPrefsPlistSource iOS 10 - Stack Overflow but I can’t make it work.

Could you please guys help me with this?


I attach my group ids configuration and other useful screens.

App groups in App target

App groups in ScreenShare target

App group in ZoomVideoSdkProvider

In broadcastStartedWithSetupInfo function is getting executed.

Thanks guys

Which React Native Video SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone XR
  • OS: 16.2

Hi @fr4nky.develop3r ,

Thank you for post. I’m doing some digging on this error you’re getting, and will reach back out when I have an update for you.


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Thanks @rehema.zoom
I really appreciate you are taking a look on this issue.
If you need something of my part please let me know.

Hi @fr4nky.develop3r ,
The issue seems to be with the implementation of the Broadcast extension in Xcode, rather than the SDK itself. Try checking the following:

  1. If the bundle ID of your main app and bundle ID of your broadcast extension is associated. For example, if your app’s bundle ID is, then your broadcast extension ID must be{something}
  2. Check if the App Group ID is still valid; you can check this on your Apple Developer Account portal

Overall, the error you’re seeing is a warning, but not the root cause of your app not working. Please let me know if checking these issues helps at all.


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Hi @rehema.zoom
I checked both bundle ID´s and they seem to be associated.

Main app: org.reactjs.native.example.Profe-Santi
Broadcast extension: org.reactjs.native.example.Profe-Santi.ScreenShare

Also I made sure that my app group ID is valid.

I will keep trying and let you know what the issue was.


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