OAuth Python Not working

I wrote the below script to get the Access Token for an app that I am working on. I am getting an HTTP status code of 200 but the URI response I am getting is "https://zoom.us/signin?_x_zm_rtaid=". The access code is not being added to the URI.

I verified my credentials so it feels like there is some type of permissioning issue. Any help would be appreciated.

import requests

Set the app credentials
client_id = “YOUR_CLIENT_ID”
client_secret = “YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET”
redirect_uri = “YOUR_REDIRECT_URI”

Set the authorization endpoint URL
auth_endpoint = “Error - Zoom

Make a GET request to the authorization endpoint with the app credentials
response = requests.get(auth_endpoint, params={
“response_type”: “code”,
“client_id”: client_id,
“redirect_uri”: redirect_uri

Print the URL of the response, which should include the authorization code


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum! I am happy to help here. Please see this helpful post with an OAuth python example :

Let us know if this helps or if you have any questions.