Oauth Request Access Token - redirect_uri - Missing Documentation

Documentation should be cleared up on this page: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/authorization/oauth/oauth-with-zoom

For the Request Access Token (/oauth/token) It is not clear what the redirect_uri should be set to and that it has to match the Authorization Code request redirect_uri. Why is that even needed? The “code” that is returned should be a precise indicator of what access token is being requested, along with the Basic Authentication Header.

Also there is no information on what an error might look like when returned, it’s format, contents, data type, … Will a 400 error always return a json node?

Thanks for cleaning this up for future users.

Hey @eric,

Thanks for your feedback on our docs. We do have this line:

NOTE: The redirect_uri needs to be on your app’s whitelist in order to complete the OAuth transaction.

As well as a description in the table of what the redirect_uri should be.

We will work on adding example error message / format.