OAuth Sign in page?

Do you have an Oauth signin page that does not have all the links, headers and footers of your standard signin page? Users easily get confused and click various links which disrupt the application authentication process.

All of the other SSO providers (Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, Slack, etc etc) have plain pages for OAuth/SSO signin - do you have one as well?

Hi @don_ucw ,

Thanks for the feedback! Have you looked into our vanity url process for more customization?


Hi @gianni.zoom

Is the a documented process somewhere for using a vanity url with the OAuth flow?
It would be ideal if there was way for us to jump directly into a users SSO sign-in page instead of having to load the webpage that Don listed above.
Right now the user has to wait for that page to load, click the SSO button, remember and fill in their vanity url, click another button then can finally begin their SSO login.

Hi @gianni.zoom

Could I get some information about my comment above?

Hi @brandon1, contacting Zoom support linked in that article can help assist you with those questions specific to your account :slight_smile:

Sorry @gianni.zoom I don’t understand what you are getting at.
This isn’t in reference to any specific entity/person setting up a vanity url.

This is about using the API OAuth sign-in flow, is there an officially supported way to use Vanity urls when having a user login using the API?

I have noticed that in the API OAuth flow, you can use https://vanityexample.zoom.us/oauth/authorize
and it takes you to page you would expect after clicking SSO and filling in the following page asking for the domain (The SSO refers to the button from the page Don shared above). This nearly perfectly addresses most of my own and Don’s concern. But I haven’t found any documentation suggesting its a supported usage of the API.

Can you confirm that using a vanity url in the API OAuth is a supported usage or provide a link that shows its supported?


Have they tried this? https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201363003-Quick-start-guide-for-SSO

Here is Zoom OAuth context:

@donte.zoom @gianni.zoom

This is getting frustrating, I feel we are getting the run around while our questions are being ignored and responded to with off topic links.

I don’t know who “they” refers too, these question are not for any specific entity.
So I don’t get why you linked https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201363003-Quick-start-guide-for-SSO
There is no mention of API usage in that link…
Same as above can be said for the link: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201800126-Signing-in-with-SSO-
Again no reference to its usage for the API.

We have already implemented an OAuth login with the API as outlined in SDK Authorization
But it does not answer Don’s question or my own.

The issue is the current user experience, the user has to currently go to a login page that is littered with buttons/links/information not pertaining to login, it allows for a lot of user error and is noisy compared to the OAuth login you would find with other major services…
The experience is even worse when the user is using an SSO login as they have use the current noisy sign-in page, plus have to navigate multiple pages before they can sign in.

In hopes of getting relevant information here is the restated questions.

  1. In regards to the OAuth login using the API; Is there a sign-in page that does not contain all the unnecessary links/buttons/header/footer of the standard login page?

  2. In regards to implementation of the OAuth Login using the API; we have noticed that you can provide a vanity url as part of the authorization link. That is to say, instead of using https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize you can use https://company.zoom.us/oauth/authorize and it appears to take you to the appropriate part of the SSO login; which alleviates one of the biggest issues of the current sign-in pages. Please confirm if providing the vanity subdomain in the authorization url is supported usage of the API.

@brandon1 ,

I hear you and apologies for the miscommunication. The reason I mentioned contacting support re: your question and the vanity url article is because they can tell you what (if any) customization options are available for the sign in page through a vanity url process. The default login page cannot be otherwise customized at this time without a vanity url.

Can you please share the documentation you referenced for this please?



For the default login page, how do I post a feature request for an improvement to the page?

As for using the Vanity URL with the API; I have no documentation, it was discovered through experiment. Before we offer it to customers I want to know if there can be an official position on its support.

Hi Brandon, in that case, please connect with the vanity url team about the use with API and login for the most up to date information. For #feature-requests you can share there and here: Feedback - Zoom


How do I contact the vanity url team?

Hi @brandon1 ,

Please see below :slight_smile:

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