"Observer mode" request was closed after 1 year with no comment - please reopen or recreate

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This was closed one year after the last comment, which is that devs were being consulted about the feature. No mention is made of any actual resolution at all. This feature is needed - for example, right now we have people whom management would like in the meeting to observe, but who shouldn’t really be seen by others.

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Some way for an invitee to be marked as “observer”, and when they join, they see/hear anything a normal attendee would, but there is no indication except to host that the person is there. They can’t be messaged, etc. They are in effect, “read only” attendees.

If a person who isn’t an invitee joins, there should be “join as observer”, and the host is allowed to accept or deny the join.

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The alternative, currently employed, is that the person(s) aren’t allowed in meetings they really should be observing. So we have an unacceptable alternative.

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