Occurrence id does not seem to take effect on deleting a meeting registrant

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Delete Registrant

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When you try to delete a meeting registrant from a single occurrence of a meeting. The registrant is deleted from all occurences of that meeting.

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No error, all endpoints produce 200 like responses.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Google Drive Video Link ( may need to download for higher quality )

1.) Create a meeting with registration enabled
2.) Register a member to the meeting
3.) Delete a registrant using the occurrence_id query string paramater
4.) Use the get meeting endpoint and check a different occurrence. See that registrant is also deleted from that occurrence.
5.) Use get meeting enpoint with no occurrence id paramater. See that the registrant has been deleted from the parent meeting.

Hi @ot.torrents, it is not for occurrence Id it seems there is typo mistake with docs. Inside the occurrence_id as example mentioning you can set registrant status.