onClickedEndButton is not triggered when we try to leave the meeting in the new integrated waiting room

When we are in the new integrated waiting room and try to leave the meeting by tapping the “X” on the top left, the onClickedEndButton is not triggered.

onClickedEndButton is triggered if we leave the old waiting room.

I am not sure if this is a intended change or a regression as this change is not mentioned in the changelog.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
Zoom Meeting SDK - iOS - 5.13.10

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. set a breakpoint in onClickedEndButton
  2. set up a meeting with waiting room
  3. join the meeting and enter the waiting room
  4. tap the top left “X” to leave the meeting
  5. breakpoint is not triggered

Hello @developer-whova,

Thank you for showing interest in Zoom’s Meeting SDK for the iOS platform. Are you using Default UI? If yes, I have checked on my end and currently, we do not have any callback related to leaving a waiting room for any of the iOS versions presently offered. The onClickedEndButton callback is only for when a user clicks on the leave button while he/she is in a meeting only.


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