One Tap Mobile link pattern

I’m trying to figure out the pattern/format for “One Tap Mobile” link.

To receive the link we can:

  1. GET /meetings/{meetingId}/invitation and RegExp text to extract “One Tap Mobile”
  2. GET /meetings/{meetingId} take needed fields from JSON and make link manually

For example One Tap Mobile link can be like this (with and without passcode):

  • +16699006833,,99192785608#,,,,*66333192#
  • +16465588656,,757793800#

I guess, the pattern is: number,,id#,,,,*pstn_password#

My question:

  • what is the real pattern for One Tap Mobile?
  • can count of commas be different and in what case?
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Hi @hmalyi,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

Your understanding of the current pattern is correct, and the count of commas should be consistent. However, I would advise against building any dependencies into your application for this based on the existing pattern, in case this changes in the future.


Thanks for answer.

Is there any plans to add one-tap-mobile links to GET meeting API?

Hi @hmalyi,

I don’t believe there are any plans at the moment, but it’s a great suggestion. If you’re so inclined, you might consider submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


Ok, thanks for the clarification. Topic can be closed.