onMobileRTCAuthReturn method not invoking with jwt token on iOS

Hi John,

I am able to initialise the android sdk with jwt and able to start and join as a host , but in iOS i am not able to get callbacks invoked after initialise sdk i am using below code please correct me if i am worng

MobileRTCSDKInitContext *context = [[MobileRTCSDKInitContext alloc] init];
// The domain we will us is zoom.us
context.domain = @“zoom.us”;
// Turns on SDK logging. This is optional.
context.enableLog = YES;

context.locale = MobileRTC_ZoomLocale_Default;

// Call initialize:(MobileRTCSDKInitContext *_Nonnull)context to create an instance of the Zoom SDK. Without initializing first, the SDK will not do anything. This call will return YES if the SDK was initialized successfully.
BOOL sdkInitSuc = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] initialize:context];

// Check if initialization was successful. Obtain a MobileRTCAuthService, this is for supplying credentials to the SDK for authorization.
if (sdkInitSuc) {
    MobileRTCAuthService *authService = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getAuthService];

    if (authService) {
        // Supply the SDK with SDK Key and SDK Secret. This is required if a JWT is not supplied.
        // To use a JWT, replace these lines with authorizationService.jwtToken = yourJWTToken;

// authService.clientKey = sdkKey;
// authService.clientSecret = sdkSecret;
authService.jwtToken = @“my jwt token”;

        // Assign AppDelegate to be a MobileRTCAuthDelegate to listen for authorization callbacks.
        authService.delegate = self;

        // Call sdkAuth to perform authorization.
        [authService sdkAuth];
    NSLog(@"failed initialse SDK");

below method is not invoked if I use jwt token but the same method is invoking if I include sdkKey and sdkSecret also the jwt token is working fine on android client but not in iOS

  • ( void )onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue

Hey @mallikarjunreddy751,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

You are using the same JWT for both iOS and Android, and it is working on Android but not iOS?


Yes @Michael_Condon ,

The same JWT we are using for both iOS and Android, and it is working on Android but not iOS

Hey @mallikarjunreddy751,

Strange. How are you creating the JWT? Are you using a third party library?


Hi @Michael_Condon ,
we are generating the jwttoken from the backend itself, the same jwtToken is working for android but not for iOS please look into the above previous post we are following that code which we are mentioned

Hey @mallikarjunreddy751,

I see. Can you reproduce this issue one more time, then capture the SDK logs and send them to me via email at DeveloperSupport@zoom.us? Please provide a link to this post in your email.


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