onUserLeave containting wrong ID for users who left the session

We found an issue with the iOS SDK.
func onUserLeave(_ helper: ZoomVideoSDKUserHelper?, users userArray: [ZoomVideoSDKUser]?)
the ZoomVideoSDKUser object from userArray returns 0 for getID() whenever an user leaves the call, making it hard to detect which user to remove from the UI.

Which iOS Video SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 12/13
  • OS: iOS 14/15

Hi @sergiu.losetchi ,
This issue have been fixed in next release. Btw, you no need use the user id for compare the user, you can user the object level compare directly if you have this case in your code.

[userA isEqual:userB]

Thank you. Do you have any aproximate estimates when next version might be available?

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