Option to add custom leavemeeting function as a parameter to zoom component

when the client clicks the end meeting button available in the zoom component view,
the meeting gets ended
at this point, I wish to run some functionality however zoom doesn’t give us any trigger or notification
to perform any cleanup actions

current fix:
I am using the custom button to trigger my own leave meeting function

issues with the current fix: the custom button is present inside more button dropdown <so the client tend to click zoom’s default end meeting, leaving the journey incomplete without the necessary cleanups

it would be great if we can send a function as a parameter to zoom, which zoom can trigger when default end meeting button is clicked

Hi @Zerodistance

Thanks for your suggestion! I understand how this can be valuable.
Feel free to add this request here:


Hello @elisa.zoom

Thanks for the reply, I’ll move the request to feature requests, ill be adding some more
requests, so please keep an eye on those

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Will do, thanks a lot!

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