Passcode issue with api integration for scheduling

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We are creating the meeting using java api with JWT token and start and join the meeting via Android sdk (Basically we have integrated zoom in our Web for scheduling & Android application for joining). . When host tries to start the meeting through andriod sdk sometimes it asks for Passcode and sometimes it starts with out that. We are expecting it to start with out asking passcode explicitly.
If it asks for passcode we don’t know how to get it.

Asking for Passcode randomly means sometimes prompts and sometimes doesn’t. When schduke is created via api.

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Hi @pradeeprao1993,

When you create meetings via API, are you explicitly passing a password field in your create request? Similarly, are you specifying a waiting room to be enabled? Both of these factors can affect if meetings created via API include a password automatically, or if none is included.

If you enable a wait room and don’t explicitly pass a password field in your request, I don’t believe one will be provided.

If the wait room is not enabled, and you also don’t explicitly state a password in your Create request, one should be automatically generated and contained in the Create API response.

Let me know if these details might be what you’re seeing playing out.


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