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We have integrated zoom as our telehealth provider for all of our appointments and One of our client requested below.

We would like for each staff member to have one personal meeting ID that would be used for all Telehealth appointments.
For example, if Dr. Dora personal meeting ID was 123-456-7890, the Recipients would use that meeting ID every time they conduct a Telehealth appointment with her.

In order to achieve this what is the API that can be integrated.

Hi @Dora_Reddy,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

If you would like for your meetings to be scheduled such that they leverage the meeting host’s PMI instead of a uniquely generated meeting ID, you can set this when creating the meeting via API—please see the following setting under our Create Meeting API:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply.

Can I get the PMI while creating User at Zoom?

How do you check the uniqueness of PMI for any user?

Can I use any 10 digit number as PMI like 1234567890

Hey @Dora_Reddy,

I’m happy to help out here!

You’ll want to call the Get a User API after creating the user in order to obtain the pmi:


The PMI field is set by Zoom and cannot be changed. For this reason, we can guarantee that the PMI is unique.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks for the reply.

If PMI id is already exist for the User can that be used again for creating meetings.

Hi @Dora_Reddy,

Just to clarify, are you asking can you schedule multiple meetings with a user’s existing PMI ? If so, yes can schedule multiple meeting with a user’s PMI that already exists.

I hope that answers your question, let me know if this helps.


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