Possibility to position different parts of the ui in websdk (chet, Q&A, presenter image and slides during screen sharing, etc)

we have zoom webapp inserted in an iframe, because it has to be embedded in our portal.
When we open chat or Q&A they float in the screen, or have fixed width, and we are not able to resize them.
So for example when we open chat on the right, there is a huge black space between video and command bar.
This is because of proportions. We tried making the chat tighter via css, but then issues arise.
It would be really useful to start the meeting specifying:
Chat: Yes/No
chat Width: 300px
chat position: right/left/Up/down/Floating
Q&A: Yes/no
Q&A width: 200px
Q&A position: right/left/Up/down/Floating
Also, when someone shares the screen, slides are small because they leave room for presenter video, and we have no options to position different parts of the screen in a better way