Possible to bind bind host to a certain user?

In my online class app, the teacher should always be the host.
a) is it possible to prevent the client from connecting unless a host is present (for students)?
b) is it possible to bind the host privilege to whoever started the session (teacher)?
for instance, let’s say the teacher gets disconnected, reconnects, and gets host powers

Hi Simkin,

yes it is.
a) For preventing a client to join you can implement your business logic in the API which gets called for creating the session signature.
You can also do some checks with the new Video SDK API.
We are using this API to notify offline users when a session was started / joined by a certain person.

b) For managing the host per session checkout the essential guide.
The first person who creates the session signature will be the host of the session.
You can make another participant the host or a manager with higher privileges.
Checkout the VideoClient SDK reference.

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Thanks for sharing the solution @muellseb ! :slight_smile:

@simkin , let us know if this helps!


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