Possible to register free webinar participants via API to a webinar with registration fee?

We would like to offer our webinar for free members of our nonprofit but for a registration fee for external contacts.

  • The documentation says that it’s not possible to import (csv) attendees to a webinar with a registration fee.

  • There is no documentation on whether it is possible to register non-paying attendees via the api.


  • Is it possible to register free webinar particiopants via API to a webinar with a registration fee?

  • Or, is there any other way of accomplishing this?

Which Endpoint/s?


Hi @emdahlstrom, thanks for posting and for using Zoom :slight_smile:

Webinar registration through the API would be entirely up to your own business logic. There would be no paid/free filter on the API; if a registrant is sent through the API this will be added for either automatic or manual approval based on the webinar settings.

Thank you @michael.harrington, that’s amazing! Appreciate the swift reply!

@emdahlstrom Happy to help!