POST Request After Deploying to Heroku (Web SDK)

Hi there! I’m currently working on my first Zoom SDK and it’s been a fun and exciting adventure because who doesn’t love learning new skills.

I’m currently working on generating a signature
and have chosen to use the “Deploy to Heroku” option.

That has worked great, but I’m currently stuck on how and where to make the POST request with the body. How would I go about accomplishing this step and where would the JSON representation of my signature show up?

Then my next question is where, in the app (what file), would I pass the signature to the ZoomMtg.join() method?

Hi @sarahswebdev,

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What do you plan on building the Web SDK with? Are you going to be using Javascript or a framework such as Angular or React? Either way, you would make the post request and the join function from a javascript file on your webpage.


Hey @sarahswebdev ,

Happy to hear the signature sample heroku option worked great for you! :slight_smile:

You’ll want to get your signature before you call the init and join meeting functions. Here is an example of where you can call your Signature API:

Let me know if that helps! Thanks @alexmayo for your help! :slight_smile:


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