Problem with get access token

I had got the authorization code of my own account and I am trying to use it to get access token.

I am sending post request with thunder client:
Method: Post
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded,
Authorization: Basic Base64Encode(ClientID:ClientSecret)
the ClientID and ClientSecret are from my registered app in marketplace.
“code”: authorization code,
“grant_type”: “authorization_code”,
“redirect_uri”: “localhost:8888”
When the request been sent, I get status code 200, with:
“status”: false,
“errorCode”: -1,
“errorMessage”: “500 Internal Server Error”,
“result”: null

there’s another post about 500 internal server error long time ago and seems it’s been fixed at that time. What might be the reason for my problem?

I had made some more trying. it seems will get same respond even with:
“grant_type”: “authorization_code”

Hope you will be fine.

Please watch the session here about how to get an access token.

For more please connect me (WhatsApp).


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Hi @bobai.ding ,

How you’re accessing the token endpoint is incorrect. Please checkout our public workspace for guidance: Postman

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