Problem with onMyActiveSpeakerChange API?

The onMyActiveSpeakerChange API is showing some inconsistency, and we’re not sure why.

It appears the onMyActiveSpeakerChange API works 95% of the time, but occasionally it “jams” on one person or stops reporting the Active Speaker altogether. When this happens it appears to be out of sync with the highlights around the videos themselves in the Zoom Client. It does eventually seem to sometimes fix itself, so it’s been difficult to pin down and report.

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
We struggled to reproduce this consistently. We will post if we figure out a specific pattern, but the only thing we seemed to notice is if multiple people are in a meeting and two people quickly go back and forth in a conversation. But again, we’ve seen it in other scenarios and sometimes it works fine so it’s been tough to provide succinct steps.

Hey @Jefim,

Sorry about the delay on this. I tested this out but so far I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. What version of the SDK are you using when you see this behavior?


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