Problem with PEM in Android APK


Hello there, 

We are having issues with Android APK in the Google play console, they say that our APK have a PEM certificate in this path “res/raw/zm_domain_key_zoom.pem”, and this certificate is a security risk for the users, how can we fix the problem?

This is not a problem you have had with other customers?



Is this a self-signed cert? If so you will need to add the security config to the manifest. 


I haven’t seen this issue before. Make sure the security config is defined in the manifest and let me know if you are still seeing the issue. 


Hello Tim,

This certificate is created automatically by the ZoomSDK and embed into APK, we don’t created it at any time.


Interesting. I haven’t seen this before and thought maybe this was created by you. I will get this back to our SDK team so they can take a look.