Pure Audio share not working on a PC

in our custom UI based client we are using Desktop SDK with C# wrapper. We share audio using “StartSharePureComputerAudio()” call. It works on all test PCs we have.

Yesterday a customer reported the audio share feature not working on a PC using our client. We’ve not been able to identify any reason to explain why it is not working, i.e. the call does not return any error (it succeeds) but no audio is shared from that PC. We can hear audio locally on the PC, change volume, play audio with different clients. We checked the PC input/output volumes, mixer settings, devices (enable/disable state at driver level). But to no avail.

What’s puzzling is that we started the native Zoom client and audio sharing worked (Share screen → Advanced → Music or computer audio only). So I am wondering what may be different between the native Zoom audio only sharing feature and the SDK StartSharePureComputerAudio() method.

Maybe we’ve missed something in out implementation, but no idea on what.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to proceed for fixing this problem, or something to check to explain this.

Sorry if I bump this. I am open to any suggestion/things to try.

The drivers for sound card might be old. I recommend you to install a driver updater free. It is a way to fix your problem. Communication between pure audio and sound card might be bad. This can happen when your drivers are old. New programs use new protocols and methods that they communicate with different components from your pc.

Hi @harpreetslater, thanks for your answer. This does not explain why audio sharing was working on the same PC with the native Zoom client. If it is a driver problem, I expect Zoom native would have the same problem, correct? I suspect Zoom client may be using a different way to share audio, but I don’t have tools to confirm it.

Maybe there is some indication in the SDK logs, but they are encrypted.

Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the post. Could you provide the SDK log for us to further investigate?


I should be able. It will take some time since it happens on a PC owned by a customer. Thanks!

That would be very helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you.