Question regarding Zoom marketplace app submition

Dear Zoom,

we are a Czech company, who targets Czech and Slovakian customers. We provide a booking system on which they can run their business. We implemented zoom integration (managing meetings through oauth app) and now we want to release.

Problem is, our app has already been rejected 2 times. First time due to unfinished implementation (fair enough). But the second time, we were rejected because of the fact, that we didn’t run on the production credentials and the other fact, that our documents (privacy policy, support page, zoom documentation, marketplace resources).

I understand that Zoom can’t test the app properly, when it is not in production mode. Again, fair enough. But I really don’t understand, why we should translate content on our production page in to english, just because a link from Zoom marketplace points to it. We don’t even want our customers to install the app from the Zoom marketplace. The connection is done from our interface.

Please help me resolve this issue, I invested a lot of time implementing Zoom feature in to our system and we are almost ready to release it. But head department said we don’t have the capacity to translate privacy policy, document and support page. They say, the content is targetted only for czech and slovakian customers and there is no need to waste any time with translating it just so the Zoom team can confirm the submittion. And I totally agree.

At this point, I really don’t know what to do. I do have working feature for managing meetings in Zoom and the only reason i need it on marketplace is that our users will then be able to authorize. We spent a lot of time implementing it, please point me in the right direction. Because I am quite lost. Have you ever reviewed submitions from other czech developers regarding czech software? How did that proccess look like?

Also, isn’t there any way that we could manage user meetings without submitting the app to the marketplace?

If not. Couldn’t our app just be approved by your team regarding security reasons? I understant, that you need to verify it isn’t dangerous. Nobody needs that app to be public on marketplace, it doesn’t have to be. That way, we would get rid of the problem with translating our production content in to english.

Thank you for your answer.

Hey @brunikb,

Happy to help get your app published. Checkout this thread about submitting apps in different languages:

No, to make API requests on behalf of Zoom users external to your account, you will need to publish your app to the Zoom App Marketplace. That being said, you can follow this guide here to limit who can install your app.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and feel free to share my response with the app reviewers. :slight_smile:



does that mean that privacy policy and Zoom documentation doesn’t have to be in english? They are translatable through google translate pretty easily.

Hey @brunikb,

That is correct!


Hi, I followed your instructions and this is what Zoom team replied to me.

On reviewing your submission (12/21/20) we noticed that your Legal documents (ToS, Privacy) are not provided in native English, i.e. not provided with an in-browser translation via Google Translate) This is a requirement prior to publishing. Please make a version of these documents available in native English along with any other language you choose to provide them with and resubmit at your earliest convenience.

I am confused now. Seems like i need to translate it to native english. I will probably just translate it through google translate and upload it on our web.

Hey @brunikb,

After confirming with the App Review team, if your integration is in a foreign language, you must include a language disclaimer in their Long Description. If you do so, your functionality and resources URLs (Privacy Policy, TOS, Support etc.) can be in the specified foreign language. However, your images, scope explanations and descriptions must still be in English. We no longer require resource URLs to be in English or translatable, but we still highly recommend they make them translatable through Google’s Auto-Translate feature.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


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