Question regarding Zoom Marketplace Application


we are a booking system which allows it’s users to organize appointments/lessons which can then be booked by customers. We want to provide our users with the abbility to transfer their appointments from our system into Zoom ecosystem.

We have alredy built the client for the API which authorize Zoom user account to our OAuth app. With user permission we than create/edit/delete meetings for him. We have everything programmed but we now realized that users can’t allow permissions to our OAuth App, because the App is not on the marketplace.

Is there any way to have an Oauth app, which anybody can install and give permission to without putting it on the market place?

If not, how should we go about the application to marketplace? I ve already filled in the application, but I am quite sceptical. Our booking system is not in english, we are a czech company and we have only translated our website to czech and slovak. So i guess the marketplace support team will have hard time testing the app.

I really don’t see the reason, why we have to upload our app on the marketplace, since the only place where people can install it is only on our website. But if it necesseary I understand your policy. Can you just point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your answer

Hey @brunikb,

For your app to be installed by users outside your Zoom account, it must be published to the Zoom App Marketplace, however, there is a solution to your use case. Continue reading below. :slight_smile:

The language barrier should not be an issue. Please continue submitting your app, and our App Review team will be in touch. :slight_smile:

We do have a flow for this! :slight_smile: Checkout the guide here:


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