Questions regarding limitations of OnActiveSpeakerChange in Zoom apps

Referring to this API:

Problem Description:
Some of the functionality of our application depends on monitoring the active speaker during a meeting, however in Zoom Apps, this callback appears to be limited to the meeting owner only. Functionality that is dependent on active speaker information will therefore only work for the meeting owner, and not other users that may be using the zoom app in the same meeting who are not meeting owners.

Further details:
This is not a problem for our Zoom SDK native (MacOS/Windows) application, as there is no limitation on who can see active speaker callbacks. Our functionality works regardless of meeting ownership (as long as they are using our client of course)

We are puzzled why OnActiveSpeakerChange is restricted to meeting owner only in the context of Zoom apps, since this is not the case in the native Zoom SDKs, nor does it seem like something that is worthwhile to restrict when any meeting attendee can naturally see this information in the regular Zoom client.

So we have two questions:

  1. Can this functionality be opened up to non-owners? (Consider this a feature request)
  2. Is there any alternative route to retrieve this information that we haven’t considered?

@KieranAC Thanks for reaching out with a detailed description of the issue!

I’m not seeing any reason this functionality can’t be made to participants in the app but I may be missing a piece of the puzzle. From here, I recommend submitting a feature request through our ideas portal.

You can likely copy your post here to provide context.

There isn’t an alternative route to obtain it currently but you can use web-sockets or your existing server infrastructure to sync information between clients.