Questions regarding recordings and transcripts

Hi, I was using server to server OAuth app for developing internal app. I am running into few issues. Can someone please help address these questions

  1. When we set the auto_recording as cloud in create meeting api (which means recordings will be stored on their cloud) then we get the recordings in the above api. But when we set it as local which means recordings will be stored locally in the env/system running this meeting, then I am not able to get the recordings in above api or end meeting api. I am getting the response as This recording does not exist . Can we confirm if there are webhooks/some other api for this?

  2. I found that we can only enable transcription at account level, not at meeting level which we might require to enable to disable specific to certain applications sharing same zoom account that we make at our end. Can we confirm if this is the case or we have some endpoint to control this? related issue link

  3. when I enabled transcripts at account level, I was still not able to get transcripts in the recordings get api. Can we check if we are missing any settings? sample meeting 68921125304.



  1. If you choose to record locally, the recording will just be saved to your machine. It won’t be pushed to our cloud and accessible via API. If you want to retrieve cloud recordings via API, you must save it to our cloud. Otherwise, the local recording should be available on your machine. By default, the local recording can be found:
  • Windows: C:\Users[Username]\Documents\Zoom
  • Mac: /Users/[Username]/Documents/Zoom
  • Linux: home/[Username]/Documents/Zoom

More information about viewing local recordings can be found here.

2 & 3. If you’d like to create separate settings for different groups of people within your account, please see the following documentation. Not every settings is available at the meeting level but we provide the ability to create groups and assign users to those groups that inherit group settings. It’s also important to understand how our tiered settings work as certain settings can be overwritten/unobserved if not configured properly.

For audio transcripts, I believe the setting you need can be found under Settings > Recordings: