Receiving error code 11 in authentication

I am receiving error code 11 constantly in authenticating iOS SDK while running the sample code

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPad
  • OS: iOS 14.7.1

Hey @nirmitdagly,

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This error comes from using an invalid JWT token. Can you check out this tutorial of how to make a sample JWT?


Thanks @Michael_Condon for your response.

I am able to resolve the error, and SDK authentication is getting successful now. I was using different date and time format in generating JWT token, and that was the issue.

However, I have a question here regarding the same. Currently, I am in a different time zone than the US. So is there any feasibility that I can use my local timezone to generate the JWT token, and it can be used in the SDK?

Hey @nirmitdagly,

Well, the times have to be in epoch format which is agnostic of timezone. So if you used your local time, and then converted it to epoch, it would still work.