Recommend OAS2 fix: "minLength" not "minimum" for strings


There are several instances of the “password” attribute (User’s password, Meeting password, etc). Each time, they have a property “minimum” which is set to 8. “minimum” in OAS2 is for numeric fields! This appears to be a mistake in the spec, and it should be “minLength”.

OAS2 defers to JSON Schema for the interpretation of these keywords, which identifies “minimum” under “Validation keywords for numeric instances (number and integer)” and not under validationo keywords for strings.

Thanks for considering this fix. (currently breaks some OAS2 code gen systems)

Thanks for sharing this @emsearcy!

We will work on getting this fixed! :slight_smile:

CC @shrijana.g


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Hey @emsearcy,

This issue is now fixed. Please try again.