Redirect url mismatch

I have been facing so many issue related with zoom api or sdk . Can anyone help me out ?

Client error: POST{code}&redirect_uri=https://{domain}/auth/callback resulted in a 403 Forbidden response: {“reason”:“Invalid request : Redirect URI mismatch.”,“error”:“invalid_request”}

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Hi h.gurung1,

I had the same issue yesterday, but managed to solve it.

The URI must match the one you have given to Zoom (MyApps>Develop>Build App or this place:

I got a bit confused and thought I needed another callback GET end point on my server, but only need the one GET endpoint listening on my server.

Inside of my GET endpoint is my logic to make my outgoing POST request to

In summary, what ever you use for MYURI, make sure it matches the one you gave when you setup your app in

I hope this helps,


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Hey @AussieDave,

Thank you for sharing but i think problem is with subdomain or something .
Redirect uri is all same in both my app section and in my post request.

But when i try to use it something like this
Its working fine though. Really weird situation here.


Hey @h.gurung1,

Checkout my post here and let me know if it answers your question:

Thanks for your suggestions @AussieDave! :slight_smile:


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