Refresh token request failing with 401

Hey @randers,

All these issues are currently issues with how developers are implementing the OAuth flow. There are no confirmed issues on Zoom’s side.

Please share more details about your issue and steps to reproduce so we can help. :slight_smile:


I have an app, that stores refreshToken and accessToken and I only refresh when a token is expired while user is performing an action and then i store new token back.
In the recent test, I authorized my app 2 days ago, used it once and then didn’t touch it again. (means no activity in zoom)
Then after 2-3 days when I tried to use my app and create a request to refresh token I received error that my token is expired. Which is beyond me. Because Its not the case where a new token is generated. Only I authorize my app and I haven’t touched it. as you stated that refreshToken have 15 years of expiry I highly doubt that. In case you want to investigate further, I can provide my zoom account that was authorized for the app I developed. And check the logs against it that either the request to refresh token was generated or the refreshToken was invalid itself.
Here is my code in Javascript that refreshes the token. I am using “axios” so auth object creates Basic Auth token.

return`/oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=${refreshToken}`, {}, {
    auth: {
      username: process.env.ZOOM_CLIENT_ID,
      password: process.env.ZOOM_SECRET

Hi @muhammad.faizan.cs,

Thanks for providing these details—and happy to look into this for you. In order to check on this, can you email us the following details to

  • Refresh Token in question
  • Account ID