Regarding zoom API and webhook

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  1. Is there an API to Register an App with zoom without having to manually generate the JWT zoom site(ex- build app-> JWT create)? if yes, please let me know.
  2. Is there an API to Retrieve the JWT for a registered APP ? if yes, please let me know
  3. Can Zoom API and web hooks work in tandem, ex- For single Registered APP, receive few events using web hooks and use Zoom API in APP to retrieve another set of details ?
  4. Is there an API to register the APP URL to receive web hook notification ?
  5. Can web hook notifications be sent to APP which are behind firewall/NAT ?
  6. Can an Admin account for an account ID 123455 for subdomain ex- access meeting QOS details for users who are under another account ID 789008 but same subdomain( ?


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JWT and Webhook

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Hi @srkvenkatesh,

Thanks for reaching out about this. While it’s a great suggestion, I’m afraid that items 1-4 must be handled manually via the web UI. We do hope to expand these capabilities to the API in the future.

Regarding webhook notifications and firewalls, this will depend on your specific firewall settings. Your endpoint for Zoom webhooks will need to be accessible. If you need to whitelist certain IP ranges, you can find more details on this here:

As for an admin accessing meeting qos details for users under another account, this would require OAuth authorization.


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