Registration sometimes disabled on meetings created via API, with settings that enable registration


We create meetings via API:

When creating meetings we provide the following settings:

type: 2,
settings: {
            host_video: true,
            participant_video: true,
            join_before_host: true,
            approval_type: 1,
            registration_type: 1,
            close_registration: true,
            waiting_room: false,
            registrants_email_notification: false

Usually everything works fine, but sometimes the meetings are created, but with registration being disabled, despite the provided settings.
We then get errors when trying to add registrants to the meeting using API again.

The example IDs of the meetings that have been created this way are: 95600641225, 96461232680 or 96899412437

We have then updated these meetings to enable the registration manually via dashboard.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @bartosz.blimke ,

Thank you for sharing this with us! Do you have screenshots available for when it’s failed? We’d like to see the full request and response bodies to Link this thread in that email please.


Hi @gianni.zoom

I have enabled debugging https requests, therefore next time it happens I’ll send you the request and response logged in curl format.


Hey @bartosz.blimke,

Thank you for following up on this. We’ll make sure to investigate further with that information. As a note, we can often find more information in our logs if the event was < 15 days in the past.


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