Remote user video taking entire canavs in non Chromiuim browsers

For non-Chromium browsers (tested on Firefox(100.0.2 (64-bit))), we are rendering a single video in canvas but no matter what width, height or x, y coordinate we provide in stream.renderVideo() method remote user video is taking up entire canvas.
This issue is not there while rendering the local user’s video.

Is it a known issue?

Hey @tommy , can you please check this one as well?

Hey @shoaib ,

That is because on Firefox and Safari only 1 participant video can be rendered at a time.

More details here:


Yes @tommy , I’m aware of that and rendering one video at a time only.
We call stream.stopRenderVideo on local user’s video and then render remote participant’s video.

Local video is rendering fine with whatever params (width, height or x, y coordinate) we pass in stream.renderVideobut remote user video is taking up entire canvas.

Hey @shoaib ,

Gotcha. Can I ask for what width, height, x and y values you are passing in?

It may be by design since you can resize the Canvas itself since only one participant video can be rendered on Firefox / Safari.


I’m calculating width, height, x and y values based on viewport size, sample values as an example: 1066, 600, 40, 40 (width, height, x, y respectively).

Yes if this method doesn’t work we are thinking to adjust the canvas size and positioning only instead of video’s.

Hey @shoaib

It’s by design. If only one video can be rendered on the canvas, we will render the video base on the width and height of the canvas inside the Video SDK.



Oh got it.
Thanks @vic.yang and @tommy !

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Thanks Vic!

Happy to help @shoaib ! :slight_smile:


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