Replacing Zoom error modal

We are integrating the Web SDK into one of our web applications and would like to prevent the user from ever being presented with the Zoom error dialog. For example, if the meeting is configured to not allow attendees to join before the host and an attendee arrives early we want to present the user with our own message and options and not show the Zoom modal and retry button. I was hoping that by providing an error callback to the join function of the Web SDK I could perhaps prevent propagation of the error and present my own modal instead. Is there a simple way to achieve this with JS, or perhaps css, that wouldn’t impact any other UI elements in the Zoom interface?

Hey @kleclerc,

As of now customizing the errors is not supported. We are working to make the Web SDK more customizable. Stay updated here:

However you could try hiding the error modal via CSS / JS.


Hi tommy,

I have tried to fix it with js and css but it is not possible.

Could you please put an attribute id to the dom elements in the modals and buttons to be able to manipulate them?

Hey @perezgradosj,

Please submit this as a feature request here: #feature-requests