Restrictions on retrieving data from cloud recordings API

Encountered an issue where the api returns an empty responses for some of our accounts while fetching recordings. In the process, we figured out that api returns data only for past 6 months strictly in one month range or less than that.


Observations 1:

Getting data for past 60 years range

Api call :{user-id}/recordings?from=1958-03-15&to=2018-03-15

response : {

    “from”: “2018-02-15”,

    “to”: “2018-03-15”,




zoom resets from parameter to fall within one month range.


Observation 2 :

Getting data for one month in last year

Api call :{user-id}/recordings?from=2017-02-15&to=2017-03-15

response : {

    “code”: 300,

    “message”: “Only provide report in recent 6 months”



I was not able to find documentation/mention of this behaviour in Zoom’s docs. Can you provide some insight on this? Are we doing something wrong? Or is there no way to get data older than 6 months? Or is that a restriction of our specific account?

Hi, we are sorry that it makes you inconvenient. We didn’t write it clearly in the documentation. We will write it on the API doc.

The rule is that you can only search the report in recent 6 months in one month range.

Thank you!

Thanks for the response White. Just a quick question, Will the data before 6 months still be on your servers or will it be deleted ? Is there any alternate way to query old data ?

Please can you remove this limit? 

Hi Everyone, 

We have spoke, with our Engineers, we are working on new functionality to remove the limit. However, we do not have a timetable of when it will be released right now. 


@michael_p.zoom do you have an update on this at all? As per the OP I bashed my head against this wall for a good while before thinking that it might not actually be my fault.

@White_Tao confessed that the docs were at fault and asserted that these would be updated - which has not yet happened and has resulted in wasted development time.

Hi @simon our Engineers are still looking to implement the feature in the coming months. For any upcoming updates please refer to upcoming API updates page -

Also, the docs are now updated to reflect the 6 month range. -

Hi @michael_p.zoom. Thanks for the update but I really don’t think those docs have been changed. I cleared my cache and I still can’t see any reference to a 6 month limit.

@simon Try this link - It should show it there.

Ah yes. I see it now. Thanks!

Is there an update in regards to this? The random limitation of the six-month period is impacting our ability to properly audit our instance using the Cloud Recording API endpoint.


Hi @samly,

No updates on this right now, we won’t be pushing any new features for our APIs(unless it’s a bug fix) at least until May/June timeframe.

We’ll let everyone know about the API updates here -


Any way today to download videos from 1,500 meetings of year 2019?

Hey @amaury,

You’d have to use one of the Get Recordings endpoint to write a process within our rate limits to do this.


Any updates on this? This is a medium endpoint. Thus, to get recordings for a 4 month period, we have to do 4 requests to Zoom. This limitation seems arbitrary and very frustrating to work with.

Hey @abrams,

No updates. Feel free to create a feature request here to request different functionality: #feature-requests


Also, I don’t see any documentation on what counts as a “month”…is that:

  • 30 days
  • Same date the previous month? (ex: 4/7 to 5/7)

AND if it’s the second option, what if one month has 31 days and another has fewer? Is 6/30 to 7/31 allowed? Or would we have to get that in two batches?

Hey @abrams,

It is the same date, previous month.

?to=2020-07-31&from=2020-06-30 is valid and will work. :slight_smile: