Returning to meeting view from another screen


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We are integrating iOS mobile RTC, We have a requirement like navigating user from meeting screen (With customisations on screen ) to another screen and it has to pass through certain navigations and then returning to meeting screen(With customisations on screen ) .

Meeting Screen —> To certain page – > Process through few more navigations —> Return to meeting Screen.

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Now we cannot support to Go Back/Return to meeting UI. We are going to support to customize meeting UI by customer, which maybe satisfied with your requirements, but it will take a long time to support it, we hope that we can finish it in March 2018.




@Robust Huu

Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say customize meeting UI by customer?

What exactly is coming in the future updates?


Sorry, it is difficult to support switch meeting screen to other page according to current code design.

We are going to support customer to customize the meeting UI, I think which will solve you issue. Our scheduled release date: at the end of March 2018.


What I mean for customizing meeting UI is that we do not provide meeting UI, we just provide meeting event interfaces, customer can create the meeting UI himself. And we also provide interfaces to customer to draw video and share