Room System option in zoom meeting

I want information about ‘Room System’ and how to enable in Web SDK (Web Meeting SDK).

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Additional context
Required information and any related article or sample code

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Thanks for posting! Just to clarify, are you referring to Zoom Rooms or just hosting a Zoom Meeting?

Getting started with Zoom Rooms

To programmatically manage your Zoom Rooms, you can leverage our Zoom Rooms API. However, we don’t have an SDK to create a Zoom Rooms app.

Zoom Rooms API

Web SDK Browser support

Additionally, you could find a full list of support features for Web SDK here:

Hey @donte.zoom thanks for your response.

Referring Zoom Rooms.

I’m using Zoom Web sdk 2.3.0 and in our account zoom user is licensed and once meeting started from using sdk able to see below option,


But When using windows desktop zoom app, IP address control get list as well, Which is not in using SDK


@donte.zoom , let me know if any more information required.

@donte.zoom any update on this?


Thanks for following up on this. I’ve reached out to our engineer team and I am waiting to hear back. In the meantime, I’ve done some digging and found a post that references a method similar, but I have not found the Invite a Room System method listed in the Web SDK reference. However, I do see the Invite CRC Device function, which I’ve linked below for your reference :

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