Run time error in Android Apps

I try to integrate zoom sdk in my app ,but I get run time error

“Attempt to invoke interface method ‘int us.zoom.sdk.MeetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(android.content.Context, us.zoom.sdk.JoinMeetingParams, us.zoom.sdk.JoinMeetingOptions)’ on a null object reference”

I follow the documentation here

Can you Help Please

Thank you

Hi @s.b.r.y.developer, thanks for using our SDK.

Sorry to hear you are running into a crash while using our SDK. Please provide the following information so that we may better assist you:

  • Version of the SDK used in your app
  • The full stack trace of the crash
  • A code snippet showing how you are defining the JoinMeetingOptions object, setting the parameters on it, and passing it into the SDK.


Thank you jon.lieblich
I solve it , the issue was in App Credentials,

Thank you very much for your feedback

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Hey @s.b.r.y.developer,

Awesome! I am glad your issue is resolved.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.