Scaling Issues when Share Screen in Firefox / Safari

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Version 1.4 Web SDK

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Trying to integrate share screen feature using zoom in our Vue based app. User suppose to be able to share their screen and record the zoom session using share screen.

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Basically when you initiate the share screen function in the stream, the video of the screen share will project to the relevent canvas element. however, it is shown on 1:1 scale instead of trying to fit inside the canvas (with a predefined width and height property). This cause problems especially when you are using a retina display like on Macs.

However, the same code works beautifully on chrome where the video is projected on a video element. it scaled within the confines of the video element without issues.

here is the video of the screen share feature in action:-

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using sample code on the documentation produced same results. In the reference, there’s a ScreenShareOption inteface with captureWidth and captureHeight option. doesn’t do anything.

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  1. as per normal
  2. no errors, the video works, i can record and capture the stream but it does not scale into the canvas properly.
  3. this behavior is observed on Safari & Firefox.

Hey @erwinkarim

Thanks for your feedback.

It seems the issue of the sample app. We will update it later.

For the issue that you had when using the Video SDK, We recommend using the following HTML structure:

<div class="share-viewport">
  <canvas class="share-canvas" width="1920" height="1080"></canvas>
.share-viewport {
  width: [fit to the window];
  height: [fic to the window];
.share-canvas {
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;

The share-viewport container serves as the viewport, it can fit to the window or parent container, the share-canvas is the actual place to draw the sharing content, and the width and height attributes are the properties of the canvas, but you can style it with CSS, so it can be fit in the viewport.

Hope this can help you.


Hi Vic,

thanks, this actually works with some css magic

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