Screen sharing issues

Hi grey-bit,

Thanks for the reply. Actually the issue has been handled internally in our SDK so the issue you have mentioned in this thread will not longer exist and you do not need to do any extra implementation. I tried to follow the steps you have mentioned above to reproduce this issue with our latest demo app(Under custom UI mode), and this issue no longer appears.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Indeed - it’s all fixed now!

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Glad to hear that it is fixed! Let me know if any other questions. Happy Zooming! :smiley:

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Hello Si/madam

Good evening! I have a problem with screen sharing in this app.
When I shared my screen while hosting a meeting then the participants write unnecessarily on the screen or write something roughly…
So, my question is : Can we recognize that person who is writing unnecessarily on the screen or can we stop them to write on the screen while I’m hosting a meet?

Thank you!!

Hi @Dipendra1019,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. What you are mentioning is supported but we do not have any interfaces for for that. If you would like to disable attendee annotation or show the names of annotators, when you starts screen sharing, going back to the meeting UI, and press “More”, and you will see the options:


You may also find more information here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!