SDK initialization requires access to "Zoom Safe Meeting Storage" item in keychain

After updating to the most recent Zoom SDK release (v5.2), users now receive prompts for keychain access when initializing the SDK. See screenshot below. I encountered these prompts on my project using the Electron SDK, but also was able to reproduce this on the Zoom macOS SDK sample application. Looks like this issue is caused by running both the client and SDK apps (or multiple SDK apps) since these apps are competing for keychain access to both the “Zoom Meeting Storage” and “Zoom Safe Meeting Storage” keychain items.

Why are these prompts/keychain access necessary after the latest update? How do we disable these prompts for our users to avoid confusion?

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install the client and setup and run a meeting
  2. Download the latest zoom macOS sample app
  3. Run the sample app and attempt to initialize the SDK
  4. Prompt for confidential info in keychain will appear




@Carson_Chen can you help to solve this? We’re experiencing the same issue.

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Hi @Carson_Chen, any update on this one?


I noticed that this pop up comes even when you start zooms own client. So I think there is little hope that it can be fixed…

Any news on this one - it also means that when I move back to the normal zoom client after using my sdk version I have to enter that password - very annoying!

Hi @Carson_Chen and @tommy,

We really need some guidance and documentation around this. It’s a poor UX for anyone using a zoom SDK app and zoom client. What is the impact of users denying access to those keychain items? How can we ensure that users aren’t prompted constantly by the OS for keychain access when using SDK apps and the zoom client?


Nitin, Zoom’ stock is at $520. I hope you understand that @Carson_Chen and @tommy don’t care what we need anymore :money_mouth_face: :joy:

Hi @nraj, @tmiskiew, @richard1 ,

Thanks for the post. Recently we are short of bandwidth here(hopefully more resources are coming), sorry for the late response.

Recently the Zoom client(Added in 5.2) has added a new feature to enhance the encryption on the local database to further protect your information so it triggered this system pop-up. When SDK upgrades to 5.2, it inherits this enhancement.

I understand it is frustrating. Here are 2 action items that I have already done before this reply:

  1. I have asked the SDK team to provide a fix and grab your app name to replace the “Zoom” in the “Zoom Safe Meeting Storage”. We will have a hotfix that provides this interface early next week
  2. I have reported your concerns to the Zoom client team and they will investigate the solution to optimize this scenario and avoid further confusion for you and your user. Once the client team optimizes this, our SDK will inherit the changes.

We do value your concerns and feedbacks. Please feel free to let me know if any other questions.

Thank you.

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@Carson_Chen - any update on this?

@tmiskiew I believe it’s fixed in v5.2.41751.1026

Hi everyone,

We have released a new version that addresses this concern and you may find it here:

Please have a try. Thanks!

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Hi @Carson_Chen, thanks for getting out a new version so quickly, much appreciated! Also appreciate all the details on your previous post, the transparency is very helpful :slight_smile:


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@nraj Thank you for your understanding. Sometimes the SDK has some downstream impacts from the changes in the Zoom client but we will try our best to address all the concerns and take actions to resolve the issues.

As this issue has been resolved, I will go ahead and close this post. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions.

Thank you.