SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED occurring in C# at random

I’m using the C# module in my code and today after weeks of running my Zoom client without issue, I started getting SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED on initialization.

I rolled back my changes to a version that was previously working and I was still getting the error.
I confirmed the DLLs were being copied with the EXE and I still get the error.
I reset my SDK key and I still get the error.

Randomly, I tried removing enable_log from the ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP.InitParam and it started loading again. When I tried adding that line back, it still was loading.

I started coding again and then suddenly I started getting SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED again, though I was adding to code not related to the Zoom SDK.

I would like to get some advice on what to do in these situations. Does the SDK Initialize procedure connect to a service that validates the SDK key, and if that fails then potentially the modules won’t load?

How can I get more details about SDKERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED and what went wrong? Is there a way to see which module didn’t load?

Is there any reason for the temperamental nature of the SDK that I’ve described above?

Which Windows Client SDK version?
Assembly zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap, Version=1.0.7575.37543

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Windows 10

I fixed this. The issue seems to be adding my “Util” project (a library with extra C# specific utility functions in it) to the project. It may have been colliding with the SDKs own “util.dll” library and causing that module not to load.

I renamed my project “Utilities” and things seem to be working now.

Hey @tyler,

Awesome! I am happy to hear you figured out what was going on.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.