SDKVidioView rendering with layout_marginStart and End with -2147483648

I have 2 devices running the same code.

Device 1:
Galaxy Tab S5e
Android 11
Security Patch level: May 1, 2021
Memory: 4GB

Device 2:
Mason G450A1
Android 7.1.2
Memory: 2GB
Security Patch level: October 1, 2019
Size: 10.1 inch
Resolution: FHD(1920x1200)
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450


    app:layout_constraintTop_toTopOf="parent" />


Everything is working fine on the Galaxy (device 1) without issue. I’m evaluating the Mason (device 2).

The issue is that on Mason device (looking at the Layout Inspector).
I see the MobileRTCVideoView is showing the correct properties, layout_marginStart: 0, layout_marginEnd: 0 but the RelativeLayout below the RTCVideoView (and its videoContainer -SDKVideoView) are rendering with layout_marginStart of -2147483648 and a layout_marginEnd with the same number.

I’m wondering if anyone has seen this on older versions of Android?

Which Android Video SDK version?

Hi @scott-med-home, thanks for using our SDK.

Please note that I have moved this post over to the #mobile-meeting-sdk:android category. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. This certainly seems bizarre and is not something I’ve seen reported before. Just to rule out the possibility of an issue with the device, is this behavior reproducible if you remove the MobileRTCVideoView elements and replace them with RelativeLayout elements?



after playing around with different layouts, there seems to be an issue with the ContraintLayout that gets generated by the PopupWindow. here is what I see in the Layout Inspector:

.> PopupWindow$PopupDecorView

=> ConstraintLayout
layout_marginStart: -2147483648,
layout_marginEnd: -2147483648,

==> RelativeLayout (the Inspector showed the same layout if using ContraintLayout)
layout_marginStart: -2147483648,
layout_marginEnd: -2147483648,

===> RelativeLayout: **
** layout_marginStart: odp, **
** layout_marginEnd: 200dp, **
** background: red

Note: this layout show’s up correctly with the red background

**====> selfVideoView (MobileRTCVideoVIew) **
** layout_marginStart: odp, **
** layout_marginEnd: 200dp, **
Note: this layout show’s up correctly but it’s transparent down to the

=====> RelativeLayout
layout_marginStart: -2147483648,
layout_marginEnd: -2147483648,

======> videoContainer: (SDKVideoView)
layout_marginStart: -2147483648,
layout_marginEnd: -2147483648,

So for some reason the ConstraintLayout under the PopupDecorView seems to have an issue.
But it’s strange how the RelativeLayout and the SelfVideoView seem to not be affected by it.

The RelativeLayout and the VideoContainer both seem to get messed up.

I’m going to create a basic App and see if I see the say issue with the PopupDecorView ConstraintLayout.

Hi @scott-med-home,

Thanks for the additional information. Creating a demo app for this issue seems like a great next step. If this is identified as an SDK issue, that will make it much easier for us to identify the exact cause. :slightly_smiling_face:


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