Security Q's for Warmly Zoom App

Hi Team,

I look after a large Government account and they are looking at using Warmly/Zoom App. They have some security questions they need answering - are you able to assist with the following?

  1. How long do they store the personal data when an individual signs up to use the Warmly app. They will have access not only to the registration details but also to all the personal data on their business card. Do they delete the personal data at the end of the contract with Zoom or when the individual closed their Warmly account?
  2. Individuals have to opt-out of marketing, is there a simple way to do this when registering or does the individual have to put in a request?
  3. Data Matching – The individual can add social media links to their business card. Do they use this information for data matching and marketing to these sites?
  4. What kind of profiling do they do when individuals sign up to use the app through Zoom?
  5. Who are their sub-processors and are they based in the USA?

Many thanks