See Myself as Active Speaker in Speaker View

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meeting SDK Android v5.17.10

Hi, Im creating an app using Meeting SDK Android, i want to see myself as an active speaker in Speaker View. Usually everyone beside myself, will have me showed on their screen, but my screen wont change to myself.

i tried to use onUserAudioStatusChanged(long userId)
but this is only for detecting the user audio status like mute, unmuted etc, i cant find a way to detect the active user who is talking right now… (trying to get my ID when i start talking) so i can put myself on the active speaker video .

I tried to use addActiveVideoUnit(renderInfo) but this is for the default settings, if another person start to speak, it will put that person video on my screen, but nothing happens when i started to talking.

when i checked the official zoom apps for windows Version: 5.17.11 (34827),
on settings → Video
there are menu for “See Myself as the active speaker while speaking”,
if i check this, i can get the behavior that i want.

is there any chance to do this behavior in Meeting SDK android?
or if the same “See Myself as the active speaker while speaking” settings already implemented on SDK Android V5.17.10, which class and method should i use?


any information about this?