Send IM Message from a Robot


I’m evaluating using Zoom to replace my now-defunct Stride instant messaging setup. We already use video at our organization, and I love the general functionality, but my use case relies on robot chat notifications. To that end, I’m trying to use the API call to send a robot message to a user.

I’ve set up a test app on the marketplace, and used that to get through the OAuth setup just fine. I’ve verified that I can, for instance, list users on the account.

I’m getting hung up on sending bot messages, though. The docs are pretty sparse on this, but my current problem is that I need a robot_jid, which I do not have. I’ve searched everywhere for where I would get that ID, but I’m not seeing it. Where can I find this information? Are there examples of how to actually send a chat message anywhere?



Hi Donald, 

To get the robot_jid you would need to go features tab in under marketplace apps. Within the Feature tab, go to chat subscriptions and your Bot JID will be listed there. 

Also, we are currently updating our chat bot documentation, we should have more to come including detailed examples by next week.