Sending File with Zoom Team Chat API

API Endpoint: POST /chat/users/{userId}/messages/files

Link to endpoint documentation:

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When trying to send a chat file, I’m receiving the following response:

Error code: 300
message: “Invalid Parameter: files”

I’m using Postman to make send the request.
For the request body, I’m using the “files” and “to_contact” properties. I believe I’m misunderstanding how to properly format the “files” property.

I converted the file to a Byte array in Java and then converted it to Base64 encoded string and put that value in the “files” property.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. POST[user ID]/messages/files

I think I figured it out - In Postman, you can select the “type” of a request body property as either text or file. If you select “file” it lets you add a file from your finder. This allowed me to successfully send a file over the Zoom API.

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