Sending Files To Anonymous Users


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We are total newbies to Zoom development. We are looking to include the Android Zoom SDK in a remote support App for a client. Everything works beautifully other than we can’t workout how to allow App users (who have anonymously joined the Zoom host meeting) to see files uploaded to chat. The idea is that the logged in Zoom user will send a PDF file to the anonymous App user that they can then open in an external App to view the file.

Is this just impossible?



Hi mckennaconsultants,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Do you mean you would like to use Zoom Client to send PDF files in the in-meeting chat and let the Zoom SDK app user see it in the in-meeting chat? Is sharing a PDF as a shared content an option?


Yes - that’s right. When I use the “real” Zoom App in Windows I can send and receive files in the Chat window, but not when I use the SDK. From the docs it looks like this is because we are connecting anonymously with the SDK.

We can “Share” the PDF file, but that doesn’t let the user download it to their Android device.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, the sharing file feature in the in-meeting chat currently is available on the desktop clients. Our official Zoom Android client does not have the feature to receive the files sharing from the desktop client as well. Since our official Android client does not have this feature, our SDK does not have this feature as well. I will pass this info as a feature request to our engineering team.