Sending messages via API to live meeting participants?

Here is the original discussion which despite being unresolved, has been automatically closed. Send message to live meeting

Has anything changed here is the last 6 months?

We would like to notify participants that the meeting is going to end soon e.g in 1 minute or in 30 seconds. Ideal solution would be to display a timer until end of meeting, but this is not something supported and I don’t think there are any plans to add that to Zoom client apps?

In the previous discussion, the the closest idea was to use closed captioning endpoint

The problem back then was that the only way to get the closed captioning endpoint url was to physically open Zoom client app, join the meeting as a host and then get that URL from the client app, therefore it required human interaction.
There was no way to generate it programatically or to fetch it from Zoom API.

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